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Stu, Josh, Anna, Zach & Dee

about us

Stu and Dee met at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC and have been married since 1995.  Zach was born in 1999 and Josh joined the family in 2002. At age four, Zach was diagnosed with autism.  At that point, Dee and Stu tried to explain to Zach what was happening.  Neither of them will ever forget Zach’s response, “That is a good thing, right?”  

At that moment, Dee and Stu decided to make autism a good thing.  Since that time, they have deeply connected with many families who face similar challenges in raising children on the autism spectrum. We have known Anna since 2014 and she is part of family. She has been involved from the beginning and has played a huge part in making our dream a reality. In 2018, Boon Life Adventures was born with a heart for hospitality, with the goal that any and all will feel welcome, no matter what circumstances they face!